“I was burnt out, and Alamo Brokers of Texas helped me put my business together and sell it for a fair price. I can definitely recommend Stefan to anyone who has a business to sell.”
Loris Zaia
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Start-up business surpasses established platform company in less than 3 years

The scenario

SBS Adminstrative Services | Alamo Brokers of Texas Case Study
Eco Box is a distributor of packing and shipping supplies located in San Antonio,Texas. The company has several locations in the San Antonio Metro area, and holds a patented design for shipping flat screen TVs and similar objects. In addition, the company is a franchise and holds the franchising rights for the rest of the country.

Eco Box originally started in Austin in the early 1990's, and was sold in 2011 together with exclusive marketing rights in this area. After starting the new venture in San Antonio in 2012, in less than three years revenue had already exceeded the original business on a month-to-month basis.

The owners had reached a point in their lives, however, where business success meant less than having the time and freedom to pursue other interests. A broker was hired to market and sell their business, but no buyers showed any interest. The owners knew the business had great potential, but realized that it needed someone else who could market it more effectively.

The solution

The owners decided to interview several business brokers, and selected Alamo Brokers of Texas to be their representative. Prior to launching the business, a significant amount of time and effort went into redefining the identity and core strengths of the business, in order to better position it to potential buyers and show the potential for future growth. 

Another challenge was the relative short existence of the business in its new location. Traditional lenders typically require three years of financials to secure a loan, but Eco Box had existed less than three years at the time of listing. This made it difficult to find anyone willing to finance the purchase and would severely limit the pool of buyers.

Through diligent marketing efforts, the business was eventually qualified for third party financing, and several qualified buyers were identified that were willing to meet the seller’s terms. The seller chose to work with a buyer who had the background and financial strength to continue growing the business at its current rate. Alamo Brokers successfully negotiated the contract between the parties, assisted the buyer in closing the deal, and helped orchestrate a smooth transition to the new owner. Since the acquisition in early 2015, the new owner has continued to grow the business at an accelerated rate.


"Before discovering Alamo Brokers of Texas, we had listed our company for sale with a different broker. We felt this broker never understood the exact nature and value of our business. Even though we had a strong online presence, patented products, and customers to Fortune 500 companies, the other broker was not able to obtain a single offer for our business. When we then engaged with Stefan, he immediately identified the key value propositions of the company and very effectively communicated those with potential buyers. Stefan was able to market and position our business and within six months of the listing, he had obtained three offers from very qualified buyers. We then selected the best buyer from the three and our business was successfully sold. I can't emphasize enough how important it is for a potential seller of a business to find the right broker who understands and can communicate the value drivers to potential buyers. Stefan is one of the rare individuals who has this ability as well as the integrity and personality that will be an excellent representative for your business transaction."

Dale Malone, Seller of Eco Box

"Stefan did an excellent job communicating, responding to needs, and collecting information in an organized fashion as we went into negotiations and due diligence. Once we got to Closing, my advisors and attorney all commented on the how impressed they were with how Stefan handled himself in some very tuff situations we put him in. Stefan is truly a man of his word and I am very thankful for his help as well as all he taught me during this process. For me personally I no longer see Stefan as just the guy who helped me find a business but a lifelong mentor/friend."

Ryan Scott, Buyer of Eco Box

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