“I have capitalized on almost all of the suggestions you gave me over the last few years and since that time, my company has more than tripled.”

Cheryl Potter
Cherry Tree Hill

Providing financing to help business owners expand and add value to their assets
The scenario

A freestanding drive-through seafood restaurant located on a major street in The Colony, located just north of Dallas, Texas, had been shut down. The restaurant building was fully equipped and functional, but needed significant investment in renovation and interior updating. Most banks would require a significant down payment to buy the property, and most buyers would not have the funds available to buy and renovate the restaurant building, and still have operating cash left over. Herein lied the challenge.

The solution

Alamo Brokers of Texas was engaged to sell the restaurant building, and found a proven Mexican franchise restaurant that looked to expand. Alamo Brokers structured a deal with the buyer to provide affordable private financing for the purchase of the restaurant. In return, the buyer agreed to invest a significant amount of their own cash to improve the property. After a quick closing, the buyer was able to start renovating the restaurant much faster than would have been possible with a bank-financed loan. In the process, the value of the restaurant increased significantly as well, giving the lender additional security in the property. Both parties expressed their satisfaction with the way the deal was structured, and the restaurant has performed very well since it opened up for business.


"Stefan came up with a loan structure that protected us every step of the way. We also let him service the loan on our behalf and represent us if there are any issues. We are very satisfied with the results and feel we are in good hands with Alamo Brokers of Texas."

N. Elbaz, Private Lender

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