“Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I appreciate your help and will endorse you any day. You are incredible! Please stay in touch and thanks again for your help. God bless you.”

Anna Stehle
Business Owner

Turning a complicated situation into an affordable buy for our client through shrewd negotiation
The scenario

Alamo Brokers of Texas was retained to find a suitable ranch property within convenient distance from San Antonio, Texas. After concluding the search, the preferred solution was to try to combine two adjacently located ranch properties located in the Hill Country between San Antonio and Austin. The combined properties of almost 100 acres had several desirable features, such as a running creek and great views. One property also had existing improved property with a deep water well and electricity.

The catch? The two ranch properties were separately owned and also marketed by two separate brokerage firms. In addition, the combined asking price for the two properties was higher than the buyer was able to qualify for. This meant that even if the two properties could be put under contract individually, and even if each of the properties could qualify for the loan, there was a significant risk that the buyer would be stuck with one ranch property if the other property didn’t work out.

The solution

Alamo Brokers of Texas successfully negotiated prices for both properties that were within the buyer’s budget, and we also successfully ensured that each property would be contractually tied to the other, to ensure that our client would close on both properties — or neither. In the end, our client closed on both properties simultaneously, taking out just one combined loan which helped to reduce the loan costs.


"Stefan obviously has an understanding of business and economics, and that played well into our plans to purchase a property that would suit our needs while still minimizing our long term risk, should our plans change. The negotiation strategy turned out perfectly. We got what we consider to be a great price and we did so without protracted negotiations, thanks to Stefan's knowledge and professionalism."

Dan & Lisa Cornell, Ranch Property Investors

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Turning a complicated situation into an affordable buy for our client through shrewd negotiation
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